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View Diary: Remember the Soldier a Republican Audience Booed? He Endures Another Indignity in Ohio. (111 comments)

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  •  why is there such a thing as a gay repubican (19+ / 0-)

    I often wonder the same thing, too.  My nephew in the Mad-Teahatter branch of our Klan came out as gay a couple of years ago.  (Before that, my sister, his mom, kept excusing his lack of dating through college as, "Oh, he's just so busy with his studies/work/career/."  Finally it became pretty obvious when his soul-mate demanded mutual family disclosures outta the closet. )

    Surprisingly, his family, uber right-wing that they are, took it in stride.  My sister says her son's SO is "the best daughter-in-law I could've hoped for!"  Yeah, that's true.  We just love him as part of the family now.

    So...imagine my cognitive dissonance when I'm having a political argument with the nephew about your very question above:  How could any gay person be a Republican?   He got very defensive, couldn't understand why I would even ask such a thing.  No kiddin'.

    So I responded, "Well, the Republican Party hates your kind of sexual orientation.   They make reference to incest and bestiality in connection with being gay.  Excuse me??!"

    He was still defensive.   Asserting that it's only a small minority of the Rethug Party that says or believes things like that.  I dunno.   He must lead a very sheltered life.  I know he watches Faux Noise exclusively for "news", and they have hateful, homophobic slurs on there all the time.  Huh??

    I'll be seeing him soon this summer.  I'm taking as many references to the Rethug homophobic platform in this election season as I can find.  WTF?  

    Nope.   Just don't understand.

    It is simply beyond my ken as to why there is such a thing as a gay republican.
    I hear ya.

    "I'm glad I don't know how it feels to vote to withhold basic human rights from someone else." DavidW-DKos

    by sockpuppet on Fri Jun 22, 2012 at 10:46:25 AM PDT

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    •  I think it might be denial, (9+ / 0-)

      the "Oh, they're talking about all those other gays, not me!" sort of thing. Or it's the ability to separate the "fiscal responsibility" crap from the social issue crap. I've got Republican family members in that boat -- they're not into all the social issue woes that the ultra-right decry (most of them are pro-choice, figuring that spending a couple of hundred dollars on an abortion for a low-income woman is better than thousands of dollars in welfare for that woman's kid), but they're convinced that Democrats are going to raise taxes to oblivion and put every middle class American in the poorhouse.

      Mitt Romney: the Etch-A-Sketch candidate in the era of YouTube

      by Cali Scribe on Fri Jun 22, 2012 at 11:18:13 AM PDT

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