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View Diary: Did Michelle Obama Turn Back the Odometer When Selling an Expensive Car? (203 comments)

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  •  Coming to a Youtube near you (0+ / 0-)

    Tamar, in a comment hanging off the tip jar (how does that happen?), said "It's the kind of thing the right wing might grab and say it came from here".

    Might?  More likely, will.  I laughed out loud at the title, because it's so ludicrous.  But that won't stop the ^$(@*@ from sending out emails ("look what even those Satan-worshipping liberals are saying"), making up bogus videos for Youtube, or introducing it into "main-stream" media.

    After hearing about some BS on Youtube attributing to Obama some completely pants-on-fire garbage, in a swiftboating campaign to denigrate the killing of Bin Laden, ain't nothing going to surprise me.

    I am become Man, the destroyer of worlds

    by tle on Sat Jun 23, 2012 at 07:14:58 AM PDT

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