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View Diary: Tesla Model S Has Arrived: You Have a Duty to Buy One (If you can afford) (335 comments)

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  •  His post is flawed and let me explain why (7+ / 0-)
    unless the owner has the foresight and dedication to buy solar panels or wind turbines to generate the electricity his PHEV or EV will use
    Of course many owners do have the for site to check on their local power plants or supplement. But even when they don't a typical car lasts 15 years and a plug-in perhaps much longer since electric engines outlast oil burning. So buying an electric car is an investment in the future (one we hope has cleaner electricity, as does the former company of the author of your post - ) and on top of which its going to take a long time to switch over the 200 million cars in this country. Beyond which carbon emission is just one benefit of electric cars - been to LA recently?

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