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View Diary: Tesla Model S Has Arrived: You Have a Duty to Buy One (If you can afford) (335 comments)

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  •  Just as soon as the wheels fall off my Prius. (2+ / 0-)
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    zett, AoT

    Bought her in late 2009, one of the first Third Gens on the road, so I can't really justify getting rid of her just yet.  Of course, she's not with me now; she's being cared for by my parents while I'm off on yet another tour of duty in Japan as part of my plot to seduce them away from what they usually drive, which tends to be needlessly large and inefficient.  Here in the land of the rising sun, I need naught but feet, a bicycle and the fantastic trains to get around.

    I did lament a bit when I bought a Japanese-made hybrid, seeing that America had dropped the ball so badly on electric cars.  I would have rather bought whatever the EV-1 would have grown into by its 2010 run.  I'd just returned from a three-year stint in Europe and had rather hoped that the Volt, at least, would be available.  No luck.  But I do love my car, and as I also prefer to bike whenever possible and am about 95% vegetarian, let no man say I am shirking.

    The new Tesla is a sexy beast, though.  :-)

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