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View Diary: "You pay what it takes to get the people you need, and if wages have to go up, then so be it." (31 comments)

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    Disclaimer - I am a 25+ year IT veteran currently looking for work. While I have a job currently I am looking to relocate. I have worked in IT recruitment and am well aware of what goes on behind the scenes in some places, but I understand that has changed.

    I have in 6 months applied for well over 100 positions posted online. At least half of these I was probably overqualified for and at least 10% I had a perfect skill match on. I have received exactly 3 calls and two of these were not on the job I replied for.

    I would conservatively say 20% of these jobs never actually existed (I won't go into my reasoning or evidence here) but I was told by one of the three agents who called me that the process has two distinct processes. One group of agents are simply fishing, creating jobs and emailing thousands of people so they can say that there ism nobody able to do the job here. They then seek out the H1-B visa, bring in someone willing to earn peanuts, and take a huge profit. I get emails by the dozen from these agents daily.

    The second group are the legitimate agents. They go through the resumes until they find a match and then submit that person. Everyone else who submits their details after this won't even get a look in even if they have a more perfect skill match then the person selected. Its all a numbers game.

    Don't bother trying to call an agent though. Those that are game enough to put their names and contact details online (less than 20% of them) will never call you back, and those that do are sadly English language challenged (not trying to be disparaging but it is true). I have hung up on plenty of them knowing full well that they will be going the H1-B visa route anyway.

    As for HR departments, yes they are a problem as most are so divorced from the inner workings of the company that in my case have little understanding of what I do.

    Case in point. I live in a small town of 20k residents. Without seeming big-headed I am probably one of the top 5 IT people in town yet because I don't have 5 years of their core system, they aren't interested in talking with me. this is despite the fact that this 'system' has only been used commercially for 3 years and I have spent 15 years using similar or identical systems that make theirs look like a toy. You can blame their HR department for not passing my details on simply because I truthfully checked a box online that asked if I had the required experience. What is sad is that this role has been on the job boards over a year. you'd think they would realize by now either HR is failing or their expectations are totally unreasonable.

    Sorry for the rant.

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