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View Diary: This Is What Theocracy Looks Like: DOJ Sues Two Cities for Discrimination and Rights Violations (109 comments)

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  •  In many places, non-belief or agnosticism is the (0+ / 0-)

    norm, not just something that a "tiny percentage" of humans believe in. In Europe, I'd say there are probably now more non-believers than believers. In China, even with some loosening on official controls of churches, the vast majority of people don't believe in the god/creator/spirt thing you refer to. Traditional Confucian society also did not profess belief in creator gods. That is actually a more Western idea about existence having a beginning and end. Many Buddhists also don't interpret their views as belief in a creator god. The most educated people in the most developed countries certainly seem to be bastions of unbelief. You are welcome to think whatever you want. But, it should not be justified with an illusion that the overwhelming portion of the rest of the world shares the same belief (as if that would matter anyway).

    Just doing my part to piss off right wing nuts, one smart ass comment at a time.

    by tekno2600 on Fri Jun 29, 2012 at 12:53:45 PM PDT

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