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View Diary: Religion in the military is escalated to SECDEF (87 comments)

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  •  "Every single person" is not accurate (5+ / 0-)

    Only a fraction of Air Force officers go through Colorado Springs, let alone the entire Air Force.  The majority are either ROTC grads from non-military universities or went to OCS.

    Example:  the son of a friend of mine went through ROTC at UMass-Amherst and joined the Air Force.  He's not an evangelical by any stretch of the imagination, and according to what he says, the Academy grads who are heavily into evangelical religion are regarded with a combination of amusement and contempt by the OCS/ROTC officers (who outnumber them by a fair bit).  The big difference is that the ringknockers tend to be promoted faster and rise farther than the rest, and have more influence, which is awful in and of itself.

    That said, I'm convinced the Dob

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