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View Diary: Colorado Burning - Evacuations in the thousands (140 comments)

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  •  Sadly four civilians died this year in wildfires (12+ / 0-)

    Three people died in a fire started by a controlled burn in March. One person died at the start of the High Park Fire, now the second largest in Colorado history, the most destructive fire in terms of homes lost. I believe these are the first civilians killed since 1999 in Colorado.

    A good friend of our family lost her home up in Estes Park at the Woodland Heights Fire. That fire moved very quickly and was in the midst of a neighborhood of cabins converted over time to homes. She apparently had less than a minute to leave her long time family home.

    My sister said that tourists were paying more attention to coyote cubs than the fire remains the day after the fire in Estes Park. Local word is that firefighters were at the fire in 10 minutes and with help of helicopters from the High Park Fire were able to keep the fire area to 20 acres although 22 homes were lost. Absolutely some wonderful, heroic work done by the firefighters at all of the fires. Estes Park, like many mountain communities, has a volunteer fire department.

    A couple of fires have also broken out in the plains, so this isn't just poor forest management, but that hasn't helped. We need the monsoons to start early this year (normally they start mid-July)!

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