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  •  It will only get more bizarre tomorrow (4+ / 0-)
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    when undoubtedly Scalia will announce that the Constitution protects the economic right to free ride off others.  That is the evil the mandate is seeking to box in.  The idea of economic free riders was not unknown to the Founders.  Adam Smith in his works noted the inefficiencies caused by economic free riders.  The First Congress understood those same economic evils when it mandated that longshoremen purchase insurance.  But hey, this mandate stuff is crucial to POTUS so Scalia must come up with some reason to say its bad evil thing taking away the citizens right to liberty.  So the whole passive participant in the market theory glued together by libertairan freaks.  Of course the fact that the market as it exists "mandates" that hospitals take in these free riders and provide them medical care is overlooked because it messes up the funny hypos on broccoli and coffins (shout out to Alito, funeral homes are not "mandates" to take a dead body in and provide their services for it).  But again, forget precedent when it does not match your political views, forget facts when they interefere with your political views, because SCOTUS has now become a roving super-legislature that can and will impose its political views on the public.

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