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View Diary: 2012 Democratic convention: The Big Dog brings down the house (380 comments)

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  •  Please note that this great speech also included (7+ / 0-)

    concern and notice about the efforts to prevent voters from exercising their rights, especially the poor and elderly.  This is significant, and needs to be highlighted every day.  We could lose despite all the fine speeches and efforts, if the Republicans prevent just enough votes from being counted or made.  

    The undercurrent to win by the Republicans out of fear is really strong and being ignored by most talking heads, ads and media.

    Remember 2000 and nothing has changed since.


    •  Thanx Byrnt, it was noted in previous threads.... (0+ / 0-)

      ....and also here, as one reasons OH was given the privilege of over the topping the pres.   Your concern is appreciated. there are a number of volunteer groups who will be happy for your efforts to support voters in states where there are suppression efforts.
      Suppression of the great mood being shared on this site is not so well appreciated. Especially when supported by a false fact, that nothing has changed since 2000.

      "Are you bluish? You don't look bluish," attributed to poet Roger Joseph McGough, for the Beatles' Yellow Submarine (1968).

      by BlueStateRedhead on Wed Sep 05, 2012 at 10:01:22 PM PDT

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