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  •  I think this diary misses the point (none)
    None of the votes these "Blue Dogs" cast changed the outcome of any of the legislation.Playing defennse in politics is half the game.The only thing that matters in the house is being in the majority.

    by ctkeith on Thu Apr 28, 2005 at 03:02:55 PM PDT

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    •  disagree (4.00)
      cf. Social Security. A major component of the Republicans' wolf-in-sheep's-clothing/"compassionate conservative" shtick only works if they can claim "bipartisan" cover, something that kos (among others) never tires of pointing out.

      Because the Dems held together on SS, people saw the privatization proposals as strictly Republican (ie partisan) and didn't buy it. They tried to doll the ideas up so that they would seem like there was a widespread, broad-based groundswell of support. There wasn't, and we didn't act like it, and look what happened. Boom.

      Also cf. the Bolton nom in committee. The Dems are outnumbered 10-8 there and still managed to bottle up Bolton. How do you get to 9 nay votes if you don't have 8 to begin with?

    •  oh but you do not understand (none)
      that when these ppl start to campaign in their district as a democrat, they mislead their position.  Now I understand what some of the ppl here in the 8th district in TN have been meaning when the down trod on Tanner as they have.  I am beginning to understand quite a lot!

      But it means whether they get re-electd or not if their true colors were shown...

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