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View Diary: It's Not The DLC and I Can Prove It (318 comments)

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  •  The debate has shifted (4.00)
    What used to be called right wing corporatism has been redefined to the middle.  As the debate has shifted rightward, instead of holding firm to real centrist or liberal principles, our elected representatives have drifted with it.

    What used to be corporate welfare is now "lessening the burdens on capital to drive our economy forward."  Or some similar Orewellian nonsense.  And every other issue is the same way.  What used to be irresponsible war mongering is now "strong national defense."  What used to be paying your fair share is now "big government confiscation of your money."  And as we've seen just today, what used to be protecting innocent bus drivers from malicious prosecution is now "pandering to sexual predators."  

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