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View Diary: It's Not The DLC and I Can Prove It (318 comments)

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    It has everything to do with the point of this diary.  No, not every Democrat who takes a GOP-symp vote is a DLCer.  That goes without saying.  But the DLC does some very vocal cheerleading against the progressive wing (read: the majority) of the Democratic Party.

    I don't think the DLC is rehabilitated by pointing to others who may have done worse.  

    Further, I think after 40 years of controlling the House, lots of Democrats became accustomed to voting however they wished.  I think the GOP still are accustomed to being in minority, in that they usually vote lock-step.  Anyway, I wish all of the Democrats would realize that they are not the majority anymore.  Their only job is to oppose the GOP.  That goes for progressives, DLCers, Blue Dogs, Yellow Dogs and anyone else who claims to be a Democrat.

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