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View Diary: It's Not The DLC and I Can Prove It (318 comments)

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  •  loyalty is more than voting record (none)
    When a Democrat goes on T.V. and bashes other Dems, the damage to the party can in some cases greater than a vote on a particular bill. Also, is the floor vote always a true measure? Lieberman voted to allow the bankruptcy bill out of committee, then voted against it on the floor. The only chance to stop that bill was in committee. I received a constituent letter from Lieberman explaining why he voted against the bill, nowhere does he mention the fact that he refused to try and stop the bill when he had the chance. He appeases the corporations by allowing it to the floor, then winks at them when he votes against! It wasn't even a centrist/left/ issue. It was a corporate whore issue. Thanks for the informative post, though. It was an eye opener even if I don't agree with all the conclusions.

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