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  •  Hyperbole (4.00)
    I agree about the words we toss around being "in-artful," but clearly hyperbole isn't something that bothers the public.  If it did Ann Coulter wouldn't have a job.

    But the DLC is just as guilty, their 2 year long and running hatch job on Dean has been nothing short of a smear campaign.  They managed to derail a very popular movement. And then again in January, the DLC didn't offer any leadership, they just wanted to pander a little to the republicans in their district, knowing full well that Dean would be the chair.  

    So there is acting like an adult and being an adult.  Howard Dean is an adult, From acts like an adult.  Just because a few progressives or liberals use incendiary words doesn't disqualify the whole left wing of the party.  To do so ignores some very serious thinkers, Sen Kennedy, George McGovern, and Paul Wellstone come to mind.

    I'll take a leader over a poser any day.  There is plenty of room in this party for leadership form both wings, but we need real leadership, not pandering and grandstanding.

    by MRM46947 on Fri Apr 29, 2005 at 07:14:10 AM PDT

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