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  •  The problem is that sometimes serious things (0+ / 0-)

    don't look serious.  I had a swelling on the back of my left ankle for several weeks (after I noticed it.  I don't know how long it was there before I noticed it.).  It didn't hurt, so I kept telling myself 'I'll wait and see if it gets better'.  Well, it didn't, and turned out to be a partially torn Achilles tendon that I should have been immobilizing as much as possible and icing 4x a day to avoid making it worse.  So for several weeks, I continued to make it worse, because it 'didn't look serious to me'.  (What finally got me to go in was digging out a physiology text and realizing there was nothing back there other than the tendon - from the way the swelling was oriented, I had vaguely assumed there was a connective tissue sheathing similar to that in the wrist area that I must have forgotten about, but no, nothing but tendon there.)

    And for women, for example, actual heart attack symptoms are often dismissed as 'minor', since they don't always show the 'classic' symptoms that are trumpeted about.

    Kind of makes me think our educational 'health' requirements are totally inadequate.  Citizens need to have a much stronger grounding in anatomy, physiology, and pathology simply to know when a healthcare issue actually is important or trivial.

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