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  •  To be honest (5+ / 0-)

    the more I think about the way the Movement Conservative Right does business, the more I think about how they made a concentrated, almost to the point of a laser-like focus, to rig the game.

    They need that. From policy negotiations to running for office, they need their opponents to go into battle playing by their rules, and taking things off the table they demand be off the table as attacks, because they have a really hard time dealing with assaults on their positions. They are hard to defend when they have to defend their track records and positions without a fuzzed up haze of muddy water, navel gazing from the people trying to change the discussion.

    And yet, we keep ending up the underdog against a loser movement, custom built for people who are only winners because they were born on third base, that dominates only when it gets treated like, no matter what, they are the '27 New York Yankees.

    Even their wealth-fueled bullshit machine can't handle a real fight. Sherrod Brown is a testiment to the limitations of buying your way out of trying to beat truth and unashamed conviction with passive-aggressive lie fueled weaksauce. Up until the painful first Presidential debate, Romney's lies were backed by millions and the President was thumping him.

    Winning ideas don't require a rigged game. To break the media, to turn "liberal" into a toxic term, to ratfuck minorities and other non-Conservative voters out of the right to vote, to make opinions "facts" and facts "opinions".

    I keep coming back to the same place.

    We don't attack Conservatism the way the Right attacks non-Conservative alternatives, and we should.

    They not only deserve it, but their track record is full of fail that is only survivable because liberals and true moderates do them the favor of not ripping the foundation of their house of cards down.

    Non-Movement Conservatives, not just liberals but moderates as well, seem to have what I call a "common sense will save us" fallacy built into their thinking about politics. That some things are so vile, so stupid, so obviously wrong... that they are self-discrediting.

    Well. There is no such thing as a self-discredited idea as long as the Conservative era of undeserved credibility for seriousness continues. Literally nothing. I would even go so far as to say that, as long as Conservatism itself is not fiercely attacked as a monumental failure, settled law that serves in the best interests of the nation, like the Civil Rights Act and the EPA, will be assaultable by the Right because they have figured out that nobody is trying to fundamentally undermine their credibility.

    It infuriates me that we are far more likely to have a mass outbreak of hippy punching instead of wingnut punching when things go wrong or sideways. The fallout from the debate is exactly what I am talking about. The whining about the debate fallout was bad, and instead of rallying, whining and grousing about the first wave of  whiners and grousers breaks out.

    What goes unsaid is that the reason that there is so much freak-out in the ranks of non-Movement Conservatives is that they expect to get fucked over. Punching the shellshocked and screaming at them to toughen up and stop being wimps and crybabies is not a cure for trauma. It just divides your tent into pockets of resentment to go along with fear and fatalism.

    The only way to rid non-Movement Conservatism of the built-in expectation of Lucy with the Football-ism, is to offer a new fight. A fundamental changing of the war. The Democratic Party has been flirting with finding a way to win that also lets them distance themselves from the ideas and policies and positions that make the party worth fighting for.

    If anything, non-Movement Conservatives are embracing Movement Conservative ideas, memes, and frames and trying to use them to produce liberal outcomes. The danger of this is that it produces phyrric victories that can be undone later, undermine non-Conservative arguments, and move the national conversation rightward instead of back towards the center left or outright left.

    It's not building the party as much as it's helping the Right establish itself as the dominant player in all forms of Americans political life.

    The only way to win an argument is to make a counter-argument, and one great way to start doing that is to get everybody on the same page and attacking Movement Conservatism as a massive failure, because it is.

    As long as anybody on our sides is treating this unserious clownshow as something to be respected, or feared, we will be the underdogs and always burdened with dead weight unborn by the other side.

    I am from the Elizabeth Warren and Darcy Burner wing of the Democratic Party

    by LeftHandedMan on Sat Oct 13, 2012 at 03:20:43 PM PDT

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    •  All feed at the SAME corporate trough = un-dem. (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      LeftHandedMan, George3

      TIME to get money out of politics once and for all.

      - SIX CORPORATIONS own the newz
      - continuing to make money on campaign BS
      - that no one cares about but... wait for it
              ... the corporation, again!

      Feels sick, like gambling in Vegas - the corporation always wins.

      We the people must regain our democracy... now.

      “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
      —  H. L. Mencken

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