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    They think there's very little to lose and everything to gain. They think letting your neighbor get robbed and stabbed will make them better patriots. They think pain and ruin will fix what ails America. They believe unwarranted destruction by the hands of greedy tyrants will trigger the revival of the revolution spirit or "rightfully" damn a nation of fools.

    ....except them, of course. They believe they'll the special ones to survive Rapture of Rmoney and bring progressive salvation to all. Sounds familiar, right? A conservative, religious notion masked as a Democratic solution. And they don't it. That's the rub.

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      Liberals who express the "friend's" views are most likely deeply frustrated and disappointed in the president and Democratic disfunction and have adopted a "fuck em all, I don't care" attitude as an emotional coping mechanism. They aren't thinking past their anger and disgust. When election time comes, this kind of person will probably either not vote or get rational and vote for the Ds.

      I know it's popular here to bash people on the left who make dumb hyperbolic statements like this, but seriously, these people are not the problem since there aren't that many of them compared to the vastly larger demographic who we should be focussed on: moderate and vaguely liberal LIVs (mostly young, poor, and / or minority) who are politically naive and who vote (or more likely don't vote) based on their pocketbooks. Those people, not the Naderites, gave us 2010, and will most likely dish out the same in 2012 if the economy stays the same or gets worse - and no amount of hippy-punching will stop that trend. I'm not sure traditional GOTV will work either. The only thing that will bring those folks to the voting booth is if they are convinced that things are getting better for their little selves, and that Democrats are making that happen.


      •  It's even more popular here (0+ / 0-)

        to shout people down if it's pointed out that the "fuck 'em all" people are functionally right wingers.

      •  And the Democratic party and many on this site (0+ / 0-)

        are doing a very bad job of persuading people that things will be better with an Obama victory. It is not that they will vote for Romney, its that they will stay home. The Republicans count on low turn out, on a demoralized Democratic party. That is what the whole voter fraud issue is about. They are trying to make it as hard as possible to get people to the polls. So they do not bother to show up.

        Well what have Democrats done to make sure that voters actually have a reason to turn out in spite of the inconvenience? How charged up are people about health care reform? Or the improving economy? Do people see Democrats actually out there fighting. Or do they see an endless streak of compromise followed by Republicans going back on their deals?

        Give me a reason to vote. Just saying well Romney will be worse is not enough. How will Romney be worse? He won't even take a position on anything. He is like trying to pick up mercury, he just squirms away.

        If you want Obama re-elected figure out how to maximize turnout. And do not blame me if you fail. Voting is a choice, not an obligation. You may not like it but it is not against the law not to vote. And you disapproval is not enough to get people to the polls.

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