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View Diary: Why are teachers afraid to use their 'teacher' voice? (12 comments)

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    Employment in the teaching profession is highly dependent on politics. In many cases cronyism plays a big role in who is hired for an open position.  Political connections often seem to play a role in who is hired,.

    In most decent private companies, it is pretty difficult for an employee to get what I call the "bums rush" where management trumps up so charges to get rid of an employee. This does not seem to be the case in public education.  While there are some great school administrators out there, there are some who maintain their own little fiefdoms. The maintain their power by granting political favors and by crushing perceived threats among their own staff. Politicians and school committee members also have their own agenda's. IMO, teacher need a level of job protection to protect them from an imperfect system.  In the current witch hunt atmosphere, I doubt that many want to put a bullseye on the ir own back by making waves.

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