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View Diary: Get Your Popcorn! RedState explains Mitt Romney's problems (175 comments)

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    but, I gotta say, the guy is not doing that badly with voters, right now. it's very disturbing how close this race is, considering what a completely amoral void of a person Mitt Romney is.

    people in large numbers are very angry at Obama in a way that we shield ourselves from here at DKos. not one single independent that I know who supported Obama last time around is doing so this time. not one. I know that's anecdotal, but he has a lot of ground to make up, and some of it can't be made up.

    he's been doing the right things lately, shoring up the base and all that. but he's got to attack the proper targets, and keep walking the same tightrope he's been walking of not making any major mistakes while also having to go on the attack while also having to defend his record.

    Americans don't vote on logic. there will be "Romney Democrats" in this election, ala Reagan vs. Carter in 1980. and with the money advantage Romney and the Repubs in general will have, I worry. a lot. this is the exact kind of political environment where the Mickey Kauses of the world actually become relevant. the fact that he's not outright dismissing the Repub for just being too crazy betrays a huge amount of sympathy for that anti-Obama sentiment I mentioned at the top of my post.

    it's a palpable anger, and yes it has a basis in race and white people viewing Obama as someone who should just be doing their personal bidding because hey, they did him the favor of voting for him (and then not paying any attention to how things unfolded after that). but it's real, none the less. ugh.

    Think of me what you will, I've got a little space to fill. - Tom Petty

    by itsbenj on Wed Jun 27, 2012 at 03:14:03 AM PDT

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