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View Diary: Bain: Outsourcing IS Offshoring (109 comments)

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  •  Why would it be unique to Bain? (6+ / 0-)

    And why would that matter?

    Consulting companies are asked by corporations (ie their rich shareholders) to make them more profit, so they fire as many as they can and offshore as much as they can to do that - because given productivity these days, employees' standard of living is where you find money for the taking.

    Nobody said Bain was unique. But that's not somehow a good thing, especially in a presidential candidate. It's just indicative of how focused corporations are on targeting the standard of living for the 99% to make more profit that consulting firms operate this way.

    Being a shithead in an industry based on being a shithead doesn't somehow make it any better. I wouldn't vote for a mercenary for president either. Some industries probably just aren't suited.

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