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View Diary: Bain: Outsourcing IS Offshoring (109 comments)

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  •  Unfortunately for Mitt and the 1% (2+ / 0-)
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    addikell, kurt

    This is an issue that can't be explained through lies or manipulation of information like Fox, WSJ and Rush do very well.

    Moving jobs to "Low cost centers" as it is called in my Company is something that affect workers, their families, their abilities to pay their rent, mortgages, bills and their kids through college. It is NOT some fictitious reality seen through the eyes of Bill O'Reilly.
    It is a practice that has seen cities, neighborhoods, town completely disappear from the map or become Ghost towns.
    Obama and the Democrats should bang on this issue until November. They should hammer Mitten on it. They should keep reminding Americans how Mitt made his money.

    Americans know EXACTLY how outsourcing affect their personal lives. I have trained plenty of Indians, Chinese at my job and my whole team knows the routine. We have seen the scripts before.
    If Bain would bring back all the jobs they shipped to India, China I'm sure unemployment would be in the low single digits. Tell them that, Mr. President. Tell them the truth about Bain and Mitt and the 1%

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