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View Diary: BREAKING: Another mass defection from Syrian army (41 comments)

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  •  If the American government faced an armed (0+ / 0-)

    uprising calling for regime change, you can bet that the response would also be "brutal".

    However, the minute they pick up a weapon, they cease to be civilians, and can legally be shot.
    Then they put down their weapons and become a civilian.
    You keep repeating Assad's mis-information about foreign mercenaries in Syria and you have yet to offer one shred of evidence.
    Every news agency has already reported this for months now. Don't play stupid. Many people have posted this information in your own diaries.
    Syria's sectarian war goes international as foreign fighters and arms pour into country
    20 February 2012

    After years of Syrian insurgents and weaponry infiltrating Iraq, now the traffic goes the other way

    Libyan fighters join "free Syrian army" forces
    Published November 29th, 2011

    Libyan sources conveyed in recent days that 600 rebel fighters have already gone from Libya to Syria in order to support the Syrian opposition. The sources explained that the announcement of Libyan interim leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil regarding his country's willingness to provide support for the rebels in Syria, has actually opened the door to volunteers. The source pointed out that there is coordination between the Libyan interim government and the Syrian opposition.

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