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View Diary: Live blog: House contempt vote against Eric Holder and CBC walkout (211 comments)

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  •  Yes because There was no gun walking in Fast/furio (6+ / 0-)

    .. investigation.
    Katherine Eban interviewd was by Rev. Al Sharpton and the only ATF agent that actually sold any weapons to the straw purchasers was Darrell Issas' own witness/whistleblower - John Dobson. This was during the Hernandez investigation of 2007 GWB

    Dobson sold 6 AK Draco pistols (purchased at tax payers expense) then went on vacation. The pistlols were never recoverd. Suspect never charged. Those were the only weapons that were "walked" - unsanctioned - Issa own witness.-

    There was no gun walking.

    This entire story Issa has fabricated is absolute and complete bullshit.

    Gah what a &&^&$ this Issa character is. When this does hit the MSM there will be consequences if there is any faienes in the MSM left that is.

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