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  •  eh.. (none)
    I'm with 'Time Waits for no Woman' on this- about 90% of our country identifies as middle class.  If they got by without help (except for the public school, GI bill, the student loans, the mortgage deduction, etc...) why shouldn't those lazy poor?
    •  They care (none)
      Because they know how easy it is to become poor.

      At least some of them do, sure some people look down upon them but they are also the ones that try the hardest to ensure there children recognize that being poor is a hard life.

      Also economic status is best predicted by the status of your up bringing status of partents etc... Now sometimes it's hard to get out and it's certainity harder for those that start poor to be come middle class then it is for those that are already middle class to stay that way.

      •  I like your optimism (none)
        It suggests that people you are seeing, at least, are receptive to progressive ideas.

        My experience in meeting conservative middle class (even working class) is a strong 'blame the victim' ethic.  I've noticed very little connecting the dots of how systemic poverty is- just old-school social darwinism.  

        Even if Congress is facilitating crippling credit card usery, punishing gas prices, or rolling back Social Security, these people still want government 'off our backs'.  

      •  No... (4.00)
        ...even though most of the middle class is only a few paychecks away from poverty at any given moment, most of them don't identify with the poor at all.  That's the down side of our big middle class.  When the middle class was smaller, an awful lot of the people remembered what it was like to be poor, because they had been poor or their parents had been poor.  Now almost all people in the middle class were born there, and there's a collective assumption that since it didn't take an extraordinary effort on their part to make it as middle class Americans, then the poor must be extra lazy. There's no sense that any one should be offered a leg up, because they and everyone they know never really needed a leg up.

        The middle class in this country identifies much more strongly with the wealthy than the truly poor.

        •  Your Both right (none)
          I agree that alot of the middle class don't identify with the poor.  But I also think that they are more familar with being poor then they admit and they are definatly scared of becomeing poor.
          •  Super wealthy (none)
            The fact is, unless you're one of the super wealthy, every one of us is one job loss or one catastrophic health crisis away from poverty.  And with the Rethugs ruling middle Earth, cuts in health care and outsourcing jobs, millions more Americans now have a much bleaker future.
        •  True... but definitions (none)
          My Mom and Dad both came from homes without running water and always had to share a room growing up, etc, etc.
          Almost everyone in their town was the same.

          Nowadays, most people have running water, and have some elements of privacy and leisure time while growing up.  However, so has the definition of poor changed.  So I don't know what to say.

          I think bad education is having an impact on our electoral politics.  The biggest change is that people never learned how to balance a checkbook, and generally have no idea how close they are to being poor.

          It seems to me our problems in the US keep getting worse as our education keeps getting worse.

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