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  •  A lot of people will be in your boat (4.00)
    Now that Bush has given us a glimpse of a plan, I eagerly anticipate the numbers-crunching Paul Krugman and others will no doubt do. Where will Bush have to drawn the line between wage indexing and price indexing--how deep into the middle class--in order to save a significant amount? And how inefficient (and regressive) is it to cut taxes on the very wealthy, and especially on investment income, then take back a relative pittance via Social Security.

    Given the (increasing) volatility in families' earnings year-to-year, when will the system decide which formula will be used? As people near retirement? How does anyone plan for that?

    Come to think of it, isn't the whole thing a disincentive to save? Surely that's not a Republican Administration's intention.

    No, the intention is to destroy Social Security, if not directly, through privatization, then by driving a wedge between people by creating different classes of recipients. How long would it take before Americans began to see Social Security not as something people work all their lives to earn but rather as just another form of welfare that should be phased out?

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