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View Diary: Afterglow: Bush's PR Nightmare (w/ pics!) (391 comments)

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  •  Bush Speech (none)
    Well I know some Pundits said he was on his game. But that's becuase he has been so terrble that a C+ speech is "On his game"

    I think they have just been choloroformed (sp?)

    In any case the cuts will take place on just the wealthy.

    Bush's definition of Wealthy (according to Hardball) $20k a year. Which, in California, is below the poverty line.

    •  Bush is just a figurehead.. (none)
      In totalitarian governments, people's real power is often inversely proportional to their visibility..

      Organizations too...the organizations with the most power, you never hear of... The government you see is a fake shell...

      Read Hannah Arendt's "The Origins of Totalitarianism" - an absolutely incredible work...and a serious eye opener..

      If you only read one book on totalitarianism..this is a good choice..

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