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View Diary: Afterglow: Bush's PR Nightmare (w/ pics!) (391 comments)

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    I think it's all a Rove scheme with Heritage, CATO and all the radical ideologues dancing around the cauldron.  If Bush really wanted to address the way- in -the- future challenges of Social Security in a non-partisan manner, he would have organized a bipartisan commission like Regan did in 1983.  Instead, he shoves his pirate-ization scheme down our throats right off the bat.  Despite the failure of his bamboozlelapalooza taxpayer funded tour, he Rove, et al,  absolutely cannot be seen as "losing."  They will conjure up whatever it takes to "win."  And this goes for all issues that they have swum so far out of the mainstream to promote:  getting rid of "activist judges," the nuclear option, separation of church and state, slashing programs for the poor, ending women's reproductive freedom, the confirmation of the lunatic John Bolton, etc...

    Whether it's another convenient terror alert, whether it's war with Iran, whatever it takes, these corrupt ideologues will never ever lose on anything.  And, it doesn't matter if the majority of Americans are opposed to these horrible policies in 2006, because I believe the elections will be rigged (again).  This is why Rove and friends don't seemed all that concerned about public opinion.  With Diebold and friends, they will win anyway.

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