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  •  Yeah, my neighbors did pull together (4+ / 0-)
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    PSzymeczek, filby, sidnora, foresterbob

    and took individual responsibility for electing Barack "I was Black before the election" Obama, which is, you know, the kind of thing that bunch of friends and neighbors we call the Founders meant when they put the original Constitution together, including a taxing power, a Commerce Clause, the Promote the General Welfare idea, the Petition Congress for Redress of Grievances provision, and the rest of our Freedoms From Tyranny, even if they didn't have it clear in their own minds about slavery, and women, and the 99%, and like that. And started building infrastructure.

    America, the greatest Socialist country in the world! One Nation, under however many Gods you choose from 0 to ∞, with Liberty and Justice for all, including us unReal unAmericans. Love it or self-deport! (I'll help you pack. Have fun among the Stalinists in Canada or Costa Rica.)

    Did I miss any other Right wing memes to snark at? How do I hate thee, let me count the ways. The rest of the usual racism, injustice, bigotry, kleptocracy, of course. Creationism, Voodoo Economics, shrieking Global Warming denial, the only Darwinism is Social Darwinism, anti-Semites for Israel and Armageddon, Jobs Jobs Jobs by which we mean abortion--Thank you Rachel...

    Please consider them to be incorporated by reference.

    Hands off my ObamaCare[TM]

    by Mokurai on Mon Jul 02, 2012 at 10:32:05 AM PDT

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