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  •  My daughter and I discussed yesterday (1+ / 0-)
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    The fallacy that young people don't want or need insurance as well.  She is not insured now that she is married, and they don't make enough money yet to afford health insurance.  Her small children are covered under ALL Kids.  She gets sinus infections though, so does her husband.  It goes with the territory for many living in Alabama.  She'd love to be insured instead of having to come over here and ask to swipe my extra Veramyst if I have any.  She has used antibiotics sold to the public to treat fish with to treat her own sinus infections at times when she has become too sick to tend to her kids.  My granddaughter broke her arm last week as well on the monkey bars at the park.  I'll bet that won't be the last young person in her family in a cast.  Our genetics like to climb.

    I have heard over and over again in this debating at times that young people don't really want or need insurance, but that doesn't seem to be reality when I take a clear look at their daily lives.  

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