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    of all of this is that when the $#!@ hits the fan CS sees no problem or shame asking for federal handouts.

    I agree with the posters in this blog saying that defunding the local fire dept and police does not have a direct correlation with loosing to a wildfire on this scale. There are many ecological and policy reasons why this happened and will continue to happen, however CS defunding their fire dept is not directly one of them.

    That being said it is of vital importance to point out the deeper meaning of this huge irony. CS has long been considered a Norquistian utopian experiment.  One of the best examples of the anti-tax philosophy in all its glory. This article is extremely important to show that ideals mean little when the $#@! hits the fan.

    They line up for federal handouts like all the rest, handouts that came from taxes that we all have paid, and are now bailing CS out despite their aversion to shared responsibility and funding the collective good through collective funds.  

    I am tired of the anti-tax crusade and their aversion to any kind of social safety net. The Ayn Rands of the world are a cold, heartless bunch. What about people that are sick, that are disabled, that are old, that are young, that are poor, that are unable to take care of themselves. They never have an answer for that, unless you catch them in a rare moment of honesty and they cry out "let em die!" or something bloodthirsty like that.

    Sooner or later we will all need help. You may be the lucky ones that have a huge fortune and will never need to rely on anyone else ever. But almost everyone else will, whether you are right wing or left wing. You will get old, you may end up in a nursing home, you may not be able to wipe your own ass. You will need help then. And where will it come from? Taxes paid by other people, for you.

    Or it might come in the form of a giant wild fire, that doesn't care about your political philosophy. In that case I will not say let them burn. It is just as heartless as the republicans saying let them die. We must not and cannot do that.  We need to help them rebuild their homes without a doubt. And hopefully they may be grateful and realize the biggest irony.

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