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View Diary: Ayn Rand Inflames Colorado Springs (39 comments)

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  •  This was covered in a diary (4+ / 0-)

    a couple days ago.

    Budget cuts in CS have absolutely nothing to do with this situation. The fires started outside the city. No city fire department - including those in cities and counties equipped to fight them, like in Southern California - could have done much better initially.

    There is a point to be made when the state and Federal government lend resources, but when this is made to be about the city's cutbacks, it doesn't apply.

    •  I think the point is that they are anti-tax, (18+ / 0-)

      anti-government absolutists who have no problem cutting out essential public services. Obviously they could not control what the state or federal government does but if they could they would have cut that to the bare bone also.

      But now they're screaming for the government to save their asses. Apparently reality didn't turn out exactly like their little utopian minds thought it would.

      I wonder if all the teabaggers there will refuse to accept FEMA help? If the mayor is as ultra conservative as he claims maybe he should order FEMA to stay out of Colorado Springs. Oh, and send those firefighters back where they came from. We don't need no stinkin' government help.

    •  Did they gut building codes? Did they weaken (6+ / 0-)

      city agencies that would have assured safer landscaping around homes?

      I remember hearing the fire chief say in an interview that they've been warning people for years that they were building in very dangerous fire locations, not clearing enough brush from homes and the like. What kind of resistance was he getting from the city council and the mayors office?

      Thing is, as a society, the government is supposed to be learning from past mistakes and putting those lessons into good use by adapting and assuring a safer future. Especially when it comes to fire prevention and safety. The right-wing regressives simply see attempts like that by the government as getting in the way of their being able to make a profit. And in so doing, go out of their way to undermine those safety measures putting countless lives at steak.

      So, yeah, I'm betting the right-wing politicians, city managers, city council and the like are in part responsible for not doing a better job of preventing this.

      Romney - his fingernails have never been anything but manicured.

      by Pescadero Bill on Sun Jul 01, 2012 at 08:37:26 AM PDT

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    •  Yeah, that was mine. (0+ / 0-)

      What we call god is merely a living creature with superior technology & understanding. If their fragile egos demand prayer, they lose that superiority.

      by agnostic on Sun Jul 01, 2012 at 11:13:19 AM PDT

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