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  •  The real point is we should have been (0+ / 0-)

    better prepared. Our fellow citizens in Colorado do not deserve to suffer. They need our help and should get it. And we need to do a better job of explaining how we are all in this together. And radical budget slashing leaves us unprepared. And climate change means that these events like wildfires are going to become more common and in more areas.

    We are failing to get our message out. And the risk of this continued failure is the end of the country as we know it. Things are going to be different and for many people things are going from bad to worse. The people in Colorado are victims. yes in part victims of there own device but victims none the less. And right now they need our help, not our condemnation. Just like NO need our help in 05 not our condemnation. And the fact that many on the right condemned NO does not give us the right to do that to them. It was wrong them and it is wrong now.

    •  One thing I'd like to point out is that (0+ / 0-)

      you are in all honesty not going to see any soul searching on right wing blogs saying, "last time it happened to republicans, and democrats said throw us to the wolves, and we shouldn't do that now, even though they did, because it's wrong and we are all in this together." No you will not see that there, sadly, but you are seeing it here.

      Yes the crux of this issue is the huge, enormous, ginormous irony that Republicans hate taxes until it's time for them to line up for handouts.  The reality is that taxes pay for things all people need, like social safety nets and emergency help in the event of disasters. (Unless of course our taxes just go to war or oil companies, etc. in which case we must fight tirelessly to redirect them back to helping people)

      On this website there is a lot of frustration, and rightly so, being vented and directed at Republicans for their intractable positions that defy logic, are seemingly insatiably corrupt and greed driven and seem to be generally filled with hate, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and spite for all people dissimilar to themselves. However there is usually a voice of reason on this site because we (hopefully) are cognizant that Republicans in all their strange glory are normal folks too, they didn't deserve this tragedy, no one does.

      But we as a collective nation need to learn from our strengths and weaknesses. It is clear from this catastrophe and so many before it that we need shared responsibility for emergency services. We need a social safety net. We need to take care of the most vulnerable members of our society. We need to outgrow Ayn Rand and we need to do it really quick if we are going to help more people and grow up as a nation, like the rest of the developed world.

      And ultimately this comes from a place of compassion, not "I told you so", or who is right and wrong. Save that for the people that do it best, Republicans, who now are among those shamelessly lining up for handouts, and it will be given to them because it's the right thing to do as it would be for anyone in need and perhaps all of us one day when our time comes.

      Yes, this story is big time irony and it is very important to be pointed out, but hopefully not in the way that they would do it if the roles were reversed. Maybe we will all learn something and have greater understanding and compassion for each other because of all this.

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