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  •  I come from a family like that, and it's not (2+ / 0-)
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    blueoasis, burnt out

    always the way you describe. While in college I had a professor btw who called this the "Pioneer Mentality" who expressed similar sentiments.

    Christians get the brunt of it here, because they are a numerical majority in this country and therefore have the power to inflict widespread hate and discontent. I am sure other dissident voices have expressed similar notions in other countries against other dominant cultural paradigms.

    You wrote:  

    Other religions become opponents to be destroyed, not debated and possibly won over by dialogue.  And it is all masked by the expectation that "I", the most important person God has ever created, will be the one to play a key, dramatic role in the second coming.  Selfish, selfish, selfish, and  covered with heavenly approval (personally delivered by God to a personal prayer closet, of course....).
    I have witnessed this behavior in other groups as well, even the metaphysical community. Perhaps it is an intrinsic expression of a feeling of complete powerlessness and possibly even a feeling of worthlessness.

    Without being a prime part of a prophecy, their insignificance isn't a source of wonder, but instead a source of a perception of powerlessness.

    And without others to mirror their faith, that becomes a source of low self esteem and immature expressions of faith that have more to do with wish fulfillment and sympathetic magic than with anything else.

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