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View Diary: Using Right-Wing Talking Points to Achieve Left-Wing Goals (151 comments)

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  •  If being a "realist" (6+ / 0-)

    means agreeing with eliminationist rhetoric and hoping someone else will fix that later, count me out.

    •  No one is talking about eliminationist rhetoric (1+ / 0-)
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      Matt Z

      Don't be silly....

      Killer of Sacred Cows is saying the following:

      1) Certain brains are wired certain ways
      2) These brains CANNOT comprehend information if presented in unfamiliar terms. It is literally like a foreign language to them.
      3) If you use certain language, you will evoke feelings within the individual that make them cling to the ideas that are being presented.
      4) These ideas (surprise, surprise) CAN be left wing ideas!

      That's his/her argument in a nutshell. And I agree 100%.

      On Facebook, I have managed to convince several RWers that single-payer is the way to go. I did this by turning their frames against them.

      I evoked the "liberty" frame by talking about the fact that individuals could not have liberty so long as they were chained to their firms in order to keep their health insurance.

      I evoked the "efficiency" frame, by speaking about how pooling all risk into one giant pool, rather than forcing all unique firms to pool risk at the firm level, would lower rates.

      I evoked the "small business" frame, by speaking about how it is silly that every small business must now have a health insurance expert to negotiate pricing every year.

      I evoked the "personal performance" frame, by speaking about how every extra dime in profit that could be given as bonuses for performance was sucked up by premium increases of 20% per year. I included a chart of the rising cost of health care premiums vs. wages.

      And you know what? IT FRICKING WORKED!!! Appealing to RW frames for LW policies WORKS! Period.

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