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View Diary: The Mississippi State Tea Party backs violent overthrow of the U.S. Government. (33 comments)

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    to explicate further

    I'd engage with one of the broadcast networks and ask them to find 12 protestors, and have them recruit them for a TV program where their views are discussed.
    After finding the 12 (or whatever number - maybe get an extra numberm but keep it low so most or all can ask questions) - put them in a studio, tell them it will be taped or shone live. If they want to back out, fine.
    They'd go through security of some sort (maybe with the excuse that it they tape in a nearby government building).
    Then Obama walks in, right after they are told (so those who object can leave).
    And go from there.
    Serve them food, drinks - maybe a 4th of July barbeque.

    It would be great TV.

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