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    Eyes usually open around 5-10 days, the earlier period usually better, because they can get infected eyes if they don't open up at the right time. In fact, if the eyes don't open sooner, it's possible there is already an infection going on. If I had a kitten whose eyes didn't open around 5 days, I would start swabbing them with warmed (sterile water) water cotton balls and making sure they stayed open if they opened up at that point.

    The ears on my kittens were usually up by 2 weeks and they were beginning to wobble around. In fact, they were so used to me coming in, as soon as they heard my voice they would come crawling towards me long before they could walk, sometimes even leaving the milk bar.

    I've had to help "eliminate" a kitten, using a not sloppy but wet cotton ball. I used to go through lots of cotton balls raising kittens.

    I had one mother who was so lax about the whole motherhood thing, she didn't even bother teaching her kittens how to use the litter box (that was my job). I had another mother who was always trying to teach her favorite toy how to use the litterbox (that's the only explanation for why that toy, which lived with her litter, was always in the litterbox).

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