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  •  Minimum Wage Workers (0+ / 0-)

    are usually the ones hired to give

    any chance of making him comfortable, and keep him in custodial inpatient care for the rest of his life, which will probably not be long.  
     You can bet that while some will be the best there are, with great hearts, but are those struggling daily just to not become the same type patient. At minimum wages no one is going to care enough to do any good before they burnout. It is heartbreaking daily to work with people who have crossed that invisible line. I speak as one who saw it as a inpatient crisis counselor/bouncer where 30 grand got someone got a 30 day chip, a pat on the back and a reminder to go to meetings.

     Paul has a chance at a life, but it isn't much of a life but could be. He should be put to use on some farm that grows medical marijuana for the Feds. The Feds. can then both medicate, give a job to, and also put a rood over his head and food on the table for him. If the Feds job-trained Paul, gave him a room and board job plus job, while growing him own meds we would be talking Win, Win, Win.
      Radical thinking ? Maybe but I have yet to hear a better idea.

    "the government's role should be to uplift, enlighten, educate and ennoble the citizen, not oppress them with taxation and intrusive laws," Gatewood Galbraith, Historic Marijuana Advocate, aka "The Last Free Man In America," RIP 1-3-12

    by SmileySam on Mon Jul 02, 2012 at 03:39:44 AM PDT

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