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  •  when several Mr. coffees all gave up the ghost the (2+ / 0-)
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    Keith930, foresterbob

    same week, we decided to go coffee-pot shopping. I really liked the small-sized electric percolator that we tried next. It made much better, hotter coffee. But like MA Liberal said about making coffee before fully waking up, we learned the hard way that ya actually have to put water in too, not just the that one went up in smoke. It didn't have a safety feature that would turn it off after a few cycles either, so I also had to drive home one day and shut it off.
       So having destroyed everything, I was reduced to setting a big plastic canning funnel on top of the glass pot leftover from Mr. Coffee, putting a paper filter inside, and pouring hot water through with the tea kettle. It actually works fairly well and can be timed to pour and pour again in between other kitchen chores three or four times to make coffee for two.
       That has always been my standard way in case of power failures too, on the gas stove, which motivated me to finally get a campfire-type coffeepot after all.
       In our coffeepot quest it occurred to me (and it appears several commenters agree here) that Mr. Coffee doesn't make the best coffee, just the easiest. Well, speaking of "easy" -at the risk of pissing off a lot of people- let me be the one to say that I never have and never will use a K-cup, including not ordering coffee at a restaurant if I find out they use that. I am the one who would slip out of line at church years ago, grab a mug from the many in the kitchen, slip back in line and then refuse those stinky little styrofoam cups people would use an then throw away. What ever happened to being good stewards of the earth I would ask, while rinsing out my cup afterwards, but no one seemed to really hear me.

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