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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: Are money and global warming welded in an unbreakable embrace? (93 comments)

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  •  No, money is based on belief. (1+ / 0-)
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    It has value only insofar as another person will accept it in payment or trade, believing that they will be able to pass it on in exchange for something of the same value that they gave you in exchange.

    I once read a commandment  'thou shalt not have false gods before me.'  

    We've made a belief system out of our exchange tokens, and worship them;   the bigger the pile of little false gods, the more worship for it, and respect for the owner.  

    Not for nothing were the Puritans sure that those who became wealthy were closer to God.  Some kind of serious mixup in theology, there.

    We've lost the original meaning of money; it was supposed to be a medium of exchange, and a way of fairly allocating wealth to laborers, owners, planners, and suppliers of materials in exchange for their contributions in creating wealth for society .  

    Just as corporations were supposed to be chartered by the state in order to accomplish something for the state, not to become an end in itself for making money, or to become equal to actual living people.  

    This confusion has led to money (the little gods) being spent by corporations (which pretend to be living people)  to purchase speech to elect our politicians who will make more speeches, and make decisions that will send us all to hell.


    •  I don't believe that (0+ / 0-)

      Nobody sitting in a bank in London is going to put their life on the line for a belief.

      The dollar switched from being backed by gold (which is no longer the most important substance) to being backed by oil...which is obviously the most important substance.

      The problem now being, (all fracking aside) our economy will freak out when the amount of oil can no longer increase each year. forms of alternative energy that will be cheap enough and clean enough and plentiful enough to create complete chaos in our economy for several glorious decades.

      Future so bright we'll have to wear shades.

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