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View Diary: Seamus, the Irish Setter, appears in new ad touting President Obama's fuel-efficiency policy (130 comments)

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  •  My hope is that Seamus did run off (0+ / 0-)

    into the woods.  I like to think that a group of kids found him, and took a shine to him, and he to them, and they brought him home and one of their dads and moms said, "If nobody claims the dog after a couple weeks, we'll keep him."

    Seamus probably was given a new name and treated like a member of his new family.  

    The kids were probably thrilled to have found the dog.  Seamus was likely just as pleased to have run into a crowd of folks who treated him with dignity.

    No evidence at all to back this up, but I want something better to have happened to that dog than what did when he was hanging out with Willard.  

    •  Love your scenario (1+ / 0-)
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      I love the idea of Seamus having a wonderful dog's life, living in rural Ontario, running around outdoors whenever he wants to, being loved by a family with kids.

      For a dog, this would be better than living in a mansion in a city, I suspect.

      And definitely better than living with people who strap you to a roof for twelve hours.

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