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View Diary: The stupid tax debate versus talking about the benefits of Obamacare (149 comments)

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  •  Succinct rebuttals. We need'em. (2+ / 0-)
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    I have learned one major lesson when talking to Republicans about this law. DON'T say the law will save lives. They don't care. This has to relate to a personal benefit for them, and only them. Everyone I've talked to who is upset about the law is incredibly selfish. They say they'll have to wait months for an appointment, or their taxes will go up or whatever nonsense they just heard on the teevee. It's always about them. We need fast, one concept rebuttals like:

    "I'm glad this will do away with freeloaders."

    "No company will have to provide insurance to employees."

    "That will be great if all kinds of people sign up to get mamograms and colonoscopies. They'll have to hire more x-ray techs."

    "Hey, my health insurance premium went DOWN this year for the first time ever. I love this new plan!" (And that's the truth. I have better insurance than ever before, with preventative care, a lower premium and a lower deductible.)

    Great explanations in clear English on the Kaiser Family Foundation site.
    After the Ruling: A Consumer's Guide.

    •  I wouldn't say "No company has to now pay for (0+ / 0-)

      insurance"  I am one of the lucky ones in which my husband's employer offers insurance to us, that is very good insurance, and we pay almost nothing for it.  If they dropped it and we had to start paying for it, that would be a big deal to us financially.  

      Now I don't believe that companies will be dropping coverage right and left, I think that is a republican scare tactic...but I wouldn't say that to people.  It would scare me, so I know it would scare others.

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