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    Yes, Syria is THE priority, one fire at a time.

    I don't agree that Ms Pillay's arguments are the only excuse for inaction. Inaction seems to be the status quo on Syria, even though we have been witnessing some sword rattling from both Russia and "west" (geesh I hate that term).
    We know that she is merely pointing out the fact that this is an armed conflict and the FSA, perhaps because of a lack of structured command and control & rules of engagement seem to resort to any tactic available to them, regardless of conventions - not surprising considering the methods of their much more powerful adversary.
    Those who quote her out of context are the same people who only read and repeat headlines, without digging deeper.

    As I see it, the whole UN power distribution reposes on 2 contradicting theories: one which federates and one which balances powers. Where the first strives to unify people, the latter relies heavily on alliances.
    This leads to very sad impasses.

    So, if you break it down, Russia is just playing the system. Perhaps UN res 1973 on Libya gave them reason to shy away from intervention in Syria (simplistic idea, but hey, lets imagine that's true). Maybe if:
    1. There had been a more concerted effort to reach out to the civilian population inside Libya during Operation Unified Protector, one could have justified more clearly the R2P factor of the intervention.
    2. The executant of the resolution (NATO) had included some form of assessment of the operation it could have reinforced the necessity to act.
    (hindsight is a wonderful thing....)

    Some orgs call for abolishing the system altogether, but I don't think that will ever be a viable option.
    I'm convinced that the veto system really needs to be reviewed. As it stands, one of the P5 can just say "no thanks" and walk away without ever proposing an alternative.

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