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View Diary: Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation poll: After healthcare ruling, Obama remains up by three (44 comments)

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    President Obama is doing what he is supposed to do, he is taking leadership.  First it was on gay marriage and then chlldren of immigrants, and now, healthcare.  Obviously healthcare passed a while back, but, the Supreme Court certainly legitimized it.  Romney, on the other hand, is just floundering on the deck.  He can't just expect to be the Non-Obama and win.  Kerry tried this in 2004, and lost.  

    The Obama campaign is doing a great job of defining Romney before he does it himself.  This was Kerry's fatal undoing in 2004, he thought he'd wait, that no one was paying attention in the Spring, but they were.

    The Obama campaign is also doing another thing Karl Rove did to Kerry.  Instead of attacking your opponent on his weak points, attack him on his strong points.  For Romney, this is his caricature of being a self-made businessman.  We are all seeing how this is going.  Everyday, more information drips out on Romney's past, yesterday it was that he lied about Bain Capital being  involved in a business that dealt with abortion clinics.

    4 months from now, at election time, Romney will have totally outworn his welcome.  We already know everything about Obama, and his is fairly popular, especially considering the economic uncertainty we are all dealing with.  

    As long as Obama stays aggressive and on message, he will get reelected.  

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