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View Diary: Robert Reich: Mitt Romney IS the Economic Crisis (84 comments)

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    TampaCPA, Dartagnan

    I've seen the income of the mega-rich like Romney described as "earnings."  To me, earnings come from actual  work, not from sitting around and reaping a harvest of interest, dividends and other financial windfalls lightly (if at all) taxed by a convoluted tax code.  And furthermore . . . how come corporations and the mega-rich can make anonymous donations in the millions to super-pacs while every time I make a $10 donation to President Obama or a  congressional candidate I have to write out my life story? Why is transparency so valued for small individual contributions and so disregarded for huge ones?  (I know it's not directly related to the diary, just wanted to complain about it!)

    Let the Bush tax cuts expire.

    by Rona on Thu Jul 05, 2012 at 08:12:27 AM PDT

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