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  •  Nuns are being attacked right now (9+ / 0-)

    and they were attacked in the past when they became part of the so called "New Age" movement and embraced group therapy, open and gay/lesbian sexuality and critical thinking and analysis of those strengthening movements within Roman Catholicism that countered the true and lovely message of The Beatitudes and the one message of Jesus - Love.  The nuns were demonized (isn't that bizarre?) because many did not reject the core messages of the Beatitudes and Love - did not accept the anti-Love focus of the conservatives and the haters of Vatican II, including, one presumes, Pope Benedict.

    •  By the way, like Anne Rice, I left my beloved (6+ / 0-)

      RC church (the joy of my childhood - and my home through High School) when I left for the Air Force and began reading existential writers (Camus, Sartre) and took my rich background of an international Catholic education  (some of the nuns were from Europe - Notre Dame de Namur) with a focus on world history, the arts, music and theatre and writing - and outgrew Catholicism - by broadening my knowledge and readings to include Middle Eastern, Buddhist, Jewish, Persian and many other writers from around the world.  I used my rich Catholic education as a base or foundation to springboard to a fuller understanding of the world - then rejecting any limits on my search for knowledge.  I am grateful to the nuns for that.

      •  You point out, indirectly, some reasons (2+ / 0-)
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        KenBee, Don midwest

        for the decline in support for good education, both public and parochial.  A foundation like that you describe is fine & dandy for the children of the power-broking class, always was, won't likely change soon.  When the children of factory laborers and postmen and nurses and secretaries get the same foundation, as we did during the 1950s, they turn into the rabble, roused: the sixties.  The subsequent destruction of strong, knowledge-based education for all but the very entitled/doggedly insistent has probably been not so much accidental as inevitable, given the present mess.

        But those unpaid nuns just went ahead and taught everyone anyway. And the guys in charge really don't appreciate that.

    •  by "haters of Vatican II,..." (5+ / 0-)

      I mean those within the church who hate the reforms and liberalizations and changes and open-ness of the changes resulting from Vatican II.

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