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  •  Without the Roman Catholic church there is no (1+ / 0-)
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    Solidarność. Solidarity was a trade union illegally organized outside of the official communist trade union system. You seem to fail to understand the deep level of Catholic faith in Poland. Over 95% of Poles in a survey taken in the 80s described themselves as deeply observant Roman Catholics. It is an deeply woven integral part of Polish culture. The RC church gave moral authority and financial help to Solidarity. The local priests gave solidarity members permission to be politically active. And ran the risk of persecution. Not all Catholic are conservative and the grip of Catholicism on the Poles maybe wanning. But do not underestimate the influence of the church on solidarity.

    As for Gorbachev, well solidarity was started in the 70s when Breshnev was General Secretary of the Party. And there were a number of leaders between him and Gorby. Remember that martial law was declared in Poland on Christmas 1979. The members of Solidarity suffered much for their activism.

    •  I understand it very well but it has nothing (0+ / 0-)

      to do with some plots by some 'plutocrats'. Legal labor unions in Poland were a joke. Catholic workers organizing independent labor unions is not a plot by mysterious 'outside forces'. Solidarity did start much earlier but it was suppressed until late 80s when Soviet Union weakened its grip enough for it to restart and wrestle power from the army.

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