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  •  show me a Higgs Boson. (2+ / 0-)
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    AoT, SeaTurtle

    You do know, don't you, how particle physics is done, and how the LHC works?

    Essentially it's like running two automobiles around a track in opposite directions and smashing them into each other head-on, and trying to figure out how an automobile works by watching the pieces that fly apart after the collision.

    And it works.  It works so blazingly well that as of last night we've got one more piece of the Standard Model in place, having passed the threshold whereby there is only one chance in a million that the findings are mistaken.

    Sometimes all you can observe are the pieces that fly from the collision, because there is no way to observe the inner workings of the system itself in its raw state.

    That's also how the majority of investigative journalism works.

    And very often, by analyzing something from the visible pieces, you can make accurate inferences about what's going on inside.  

    "Minus two votes for the Democrat" equals "plus one vote for the Republican." Arithmetic doesn't care about your feelings.

    by G2geek on Wed Jul 04, 2012 at 09:15:55 PM PDT

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