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View Diary: Homophobic Slurs Are OK If You Don't Mean Them (280 comments)

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    Tamar, Carol in San Antonio, SoCalSal

    I seem to remember, from the ancient and dark recesses of my brain that relate to high school English class, the fuller word (faggot) being used for a piece of wood, or some such ...

    But yes, language changes meaning over time, and while that may still be technically correct usage, there's only one thing people mean when they use those words these days.

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      only in the context of fires or kindling. You'll see it occasionally in classic literature -- something like "a man dressed in rags carrying a bundle of ....." but that predates the ugly current connotations. Unless someone is quoting from something like Silas Marner or making a point about bigoted names, it doesn't belong in a diary.
      Actually this is similar to swastika usage. It's an ancient symbol (India?) and a weaving motif because it is an easily produced design in weaving, but you won't ever see it in anything I weave!

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      by Tamar on Thu Jul 05, 2012 at 05:58:53 AM PDT

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