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View Diary: Homophobic Slurs Are OK If You Don't Mean Them (280 comments)

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    "growing up" in theatre in NYC in the 80s, "fag" was one of the  more accepted terms. As a white, hetero, male stagehand, I was once dubbed an "honorary drape fag" by the gay set designer because "everyone knows that only fags can drape curtains properly."

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      commonmass, T100R

      I'm always annoyed by the "get over it" crowd. It is rarely, if ever, appropriate to tell someone that they shouldn't be offended by something. We may never know the (original) diarist's intent so arguing it is irrelevant. The point, in absolute contradiction to tr4nqued's comments, is that if you inadvertently offend then it is pretty simple to say, "oh, I'm sorry. I made a mistake." Why is that so fucking hard?

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